The Cetacean line is born out of the passion of developing the highest-grade of tools using the most sophisticated materials and production techniques. 

The Cetacean line is the first step for Kaldas Research's future corporate structure and diversification know-how in Manufacturing. 

The Cetacean series will be Manufactured by Kaldas Advanced Manufacturing, a division under Kaldas Research™. 

Every single product to bear the Kaldas badge will be a strict result of our in-house R&D and Manufacturing. If we don't build it, we don't sell it under Kaldas. 

The Cetacean series is built for professionals of the highest caliber and is Manufactured to extremely high-standards. These tools aren't mass produced, they are produced to last a lifetime. 

The Cetacean Series is scheduled for a 2022 debut.

 °Cetacean is not related to Headphones or Audio.