The Story




The XP1 is our oldest working test mule before the project was named RR1 Conquest. Designed for endurance testing, it currently has over 6500 hours of use (as of August 2020). It once sat on our KEMAR (24/7) for over two months running various Impulses.


The XP1 has zero dust protection and has traveled through Iceland, Germany, USA, Thailand, Denmark and hopefully more countries in the future. All while sustaining many temperature and humidity shifts - a killer of Electrostatic Headphones.


The XP1 remains our oldest working prototype with the highest clocked hours which it still keeps on clocking. The XP1 will be retired after it finally gives up for good, which hasn’t happened yet! 


The XP1 is a Legacy model which we can't help but look at with emotion, passion and the future of Kaldas.